AFJ 4000

AFJ devices are modular and can be assembled together to achieve the required flow rate. The devices can also have an output of more than 50,000 m3/hour for central exhaust systems, for example.


The polluted air enters the device through openings on the right or left side (1) and passes through the first main filter (2), where 85% of the particles are separated. The air then passes through another main filter (3), where 95% of the contaminated air is separated. Finally, the almost completely purified air passes through the HEPA filter, where we achieve an efficiency of 99.99%. This ensures that the device can be set up and installed inside a production hall or directly next to the machine to which the extraction device is connected. The extraction device is switched on and off with a switch located on the right side of the device (4). The oil that has been separated is collected in an oil sump (7), and a drain valve for draining the oil is located on the right side.