The WELDUST 40 device is a high-performance device that is suitable for more demanding operations. It has a high performance, a large filter area and is equipped with the same systems as its smaller predecessors. Thanks to its large filter area and high performance, the device can extract multiple places at.


The polluted air enters the device through one opening located on three sides of the device and continues through filter cartridges (2), where the first and main part of the air purification process takes place. Dirt that is trapped in the main filters adheres to the surface or falls straight down into a dirt container (3). The air continues through other parts of the device and passes through the HEPA filter (7), where the process of purifying the extracted air is completed. The device has the “CleanJet” automatic purification system (4). The CleanJet system consists of a compressed air tank and valves that clean the filters at a preset time. The fan (5) is equipped with a module for remote control and regulation.