A separate division of metalworking and precision machining currently forms a stable division in the area of machining, in our company.



Since 2007

In year 2007, the company invested in its own manufacturing premises for the sake of future development and stabilization. The Base of our company is located in our buildings in Planá nad Lužnicí.

Our products are then assembled in our company, and then sold as a final product. Besides the own production, we cooperate with other companies to create a good and stable foundation for our long-term functioning and our further technical and technological evelopment.

High demands on accuracy of production required considerable investments in inspecting and measuring equipment. A sophisticated system of quality guaranteed by standard ISO 9001 is the result of connecting the inspection activities with modern CNC technology.

By consistent implementation of the principles laid down by the organization and management of production, we received the production quality certificate ISO in year 2009. I on the basis of the grant of this certificate we are able to continually improve the entire production process in order to offer our customers better and better quality of our products. We are able to offer our clients both technical and technological processing of their orders, including thermal, chemical and surface modifications. Regular inspections of the accuracy of the manufacturing process, accurate programming of production cycles of CNC machines, high quality machining tools and products, and output inspection of products, ensures customers satisfaction.

An integral part of improving and expanding our manufacturing activity is linking these processes to the processing in electronic form, so we are able to report on the progress to out customers. While controlling production we use the program equipment Orion and its superstructure modules allow us to provide a broader and more detailed information flow not only for us, but also for our customers.

Manufacturing program

We strive to continuously upgrade our machinery. We are deliberately introducing modern trends in the area of technological capabilities, in collaboration with experts, so that we can achieve shorter production times and enhance the quality of our work.


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