AFJ 8000

The AFJ 8000 already contains 12 filters, where 8 filters are main filters and 4 HEPA filters are used for air purification. All filters have an indication of blockage and condition by means of a pressure gauge. The AFJ 8000 can handle multiple machines at the same time.


  • Air flow – 8 000 m3/hr
  • Power input – 4 x 3,7 kW
  • Type of filters – Folded – fibreglass
  • Hepa filter – YES
  • Filter efficiency – 99.50%
  • Noise level- 75 dB
  • Filtration area – 140 m2
  • Dimensions – 2 150 x 2 650 x 625 mm
  • Inlet flange – 400 mm
  • Remote control via phone – flow control


The polluted air enters the device through the openings on the right or left side (1) and passes through the first main filter (2), where 85% of the particles are separated. The air then passes through another main filter (3) where 95% of the contaminated air is separated. Almost cleaned air is still passed through a HEPA filter, where we achieve an efficiency of 99.99% depending on used type of HEPA. This ensures that the device can be set up and installed inside the production hall or directly next to the machine to which the extraction device is connected. Switching on and off the extraction device is done by the switch located on the right side of the device (4). The oil that has been separated is collected in the oil bath (7), where an outlet valve is located on the right side for draining.

The ECOMIST industrial extraction principle