Separation and lubrication products


Separation products

Separation products have a very difficult task, they have to separate the pressure-processed product, which is transported in molten form between two moulds, and ensure the separation of the final product from the mould. The separation products must therefore be stable at high temperatures and pressures.

Separation products are supplied in the form of concentrates, which the end customer dilutes as required. Our products have a very small mist creating, so these products do not create extreme mist around the machine. Separation products are divided into several groups, where the size and complexity of the part, temperature, and pressure are decisive. Based on these parameters, we can select a suitable product that can take die casting one step further.


  • Based on organically modified siloxanes
  • Suitable for manual and automatic spraying systems
  • Leaves moulds clean and no sticking
  • Forms a continuous, homogeneous separation film
  • Wide range of applications
  • Completely odourless
  • Contains a biocidal and anti-corrosion protection system


Piston lubrication products

Special oil for piston lubrication in injection moulding machines. Only biodegradable raw materials were used in the development. To achieve the highest lubrication properties, additives with high adhesion and high temperature range have been developed and used. The application of the product is possible by pressure or micro lubrication system of machines.


  • Does not contain silicone in any form
  • Contains no paraffin in any form
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for manual and automatic lubrication systems
  • Forms a continuous, homogeneous lubricating film
  • High adhesion
  • Wide range of applications

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