Industrial Lubricants

For at least 10 years now, AKNEL Group a.s. has been producing its own special industrial lubricants for  machining processes.

Hi-quality lubricants for industry.

Machines of all world brands and manufacturers are filled with our products, and they are ranked among the broad competition in both Europe and Asia.

From the very beginning, we have been working with several foreign partners in the area of development for the European market for industrial lubricants and base oils. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to take a leading position in the market for industrial lubricants. Our products meet the strictest requirements of world standards, and it is a priority of AKNEL Group to present products that are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health, on which it spends considerable funds.

However, despite our wide range of products, we are often required to produce a tailor-made product for the customer. In such cases, we use our knowledge gathered over the years, rich experience, our own laboratories and our partnerships with several renowned figures and partners in Europe.

Thanks to the quality of its products, AKNEL Group is thus able to expand into the pan-European market and provide its customers with the most optimal solutions of the highest quality.

At present, AKNEL Group a.s. already has a stabilized product portfolio. Today, its products are used by leading manufacturers in the automotive, mechanical engineering and steel industries.


Water-dilutable process fluids for chip machining and grinding

Procesní, vodou ředitelné kapaliny pro třískové obrábění a broušení. Jde o produkty i bez aminů a kyseliny borité, na bázi minerálních olejů, polo-syntetické a syntetické, přičemž je docílena vysoká životnost s potřebnými technickými vlastnostmi. Ve výrobním procesu jsou velmi úsporné nejenom díky pořizovací ceně, ale především svou dlouhou životností. Díky použití vybraných surovin je minimalizován vznik kožních alergií člověka.


Products that do not contain mineral or vegetable oil, and are thus fully synthetic, are a modern trend in machining and eco-friendly operations. Today, these products are no longer intended only for grinding, which requires a completely translucent product, but also for chip machining, machining, honing and forming. By combining selected raw ingredients and additives, a high performance and low consumption can be achieved.


  • finely dispersed – milk-based emulsions
  • high stability, negligible losses through leakage
  • highly resistant to microorganisms
  • excellent cooling effect
  • excellent filterability
  • extremely low foaming even at high pump pressures
  • environmentally friendly
  • use with water of varying quality


Process fluids or production operations for which it is not necessary to use and apply a service product do not exist. The entire system needs to be thoroughly cleaned and ridden of any micro-bacterial infection at least before a new product is deployed. It is in these cases that service products with a certain application and consequent effect need to be applied. Before the product is applied, you should always take heed of the instructions given in the product data sheets.


Process oils for chip machining

MINUO is a line of process oils for chip machining that are immiscible with water. The products are characterized by the extension of tool service life, minimal evaporation, a lack of adverse effects on machine operators and minimal leakage. They are suitable for most types of materials. The selected products are equipped with EP/AW additives.


Process oils for grinding and honing

EXACUO is a line of technologically developed products for the most high-precision operations. The products are equipped with special additives to reduce the formation of aerosols and they have an excellent rinsing capacity. Thanks to this combination, the precision and, of course, surface quality required for these operations are achieved.


Products for cold forming

FORM is a line of special process lubricants suitable for the chip-free production of parts. The oils have been developed for forming, pressing, drawing and other such special operations. Oils from the FORM line contain EP additives to increase performance, and in some cases, they also contain active sulphur.

Products for minimal lubrication

These products are used in the separation of material and in the actual machining of complex parts. Their advantage is that the workpiece is completely dry after the machining process has finished, thus preventing losses caused by leakage onto workpieces.

Evaporative products

Suitable for pressing and easy moulding operations in which the workpiece requires rapid drying, or a finish, before its further use.

Products for cutting

These products are used in the mass production of parts. The products are characterized by a high content of active EP ingredients, which ensure low tool wear and minimal burrs on manufactured parts.


Corrosion protection

RUSTOP is a line of products developed for the protection of materials against corrosion. The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a wide range of applications and protection durations. The selected products are also water-soluble. They form an oil or wax film on the surface.

Research and development department

It is an entirely new centre, and considerable financial amounts have been invested in development for
a long time now. In the development of our process fluids and oils, we work with developers from all around the world. Our products have long been tested on our CNC machines in a testing facility, which is one of largest in the country in terms of its area and machinery. They are also tested on the state-of-the-art device Microtap TTT-System PCA 4, and we are the only lubricant manufacturer in the Czech and Slovak Republics to own this device.

The measurement and evaluation results clearly indicate the direction we should take in our use of various additives in order to achieve the synergistic and full use of our products‘ potential.

Other important tests that the products must undergo are corrosion tests and tests for rubbers and rubber seals.

Total Fluid Management

Facility Management

It is a kind of complex solution for industrial liquids, oils and all kinds of lubricants. Customers are provided with this kind of service in their own companies.

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