Filtration of emulsion and oils

Magnetic separators are designed for coarse cleaning of coolants, oils and other industrial fluids from magnetic impurities. The design of the magnetic separators enables a continuous cleaning process. It is produced in several series according to dimensions and flow rates or according to customer requirements.

Magnetic separators can be supplied as stand-alone units or a complete filtration system can be supplied for your needs.

Construction and design

The permanent magnet cylinder has an extremely strong magnetic effect. It is a particularly powerful and yet very simple, trouble-free filtration device. The rotating cylinder generates a strong magnetic field over the entire surface and, thanks to a well-thought-out design using permanent magnets, allows a unique magnetic system to be developed, guaranteeing exceptional separation performance. The magnetic cylinder is made of high-quality material guaranteeing trouble-free operation. The contaminated coolant or process fluid must be steadily and regularly distributed over the entire width of the magnetic cylinder, thus achieving a high degree of filtration. Both magnetized particles on the cylinder walls and non-magnetic impurities are captured, which are deposited between the magnetic impurities by the fluid flow, thus causing their joint separation. The sliding wiper bar is set diagonally to the magnetic cylinder and the remaining ejected liquid flows back into the tank, while the separated dirt is wiped off and the dry dirt is moved into the prepared dirt container. The advantage is low operating costs. Impurities are removed automatically. This space-saving device achieves a better machining surface and thus reduces scrap. The fluid is kept clean at all times and its service life is extended. There is no contamination of the tank and pipes in the machine.

The ECOMIST industrial extraction principle

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