Slideway oils

Oils not only for slideways


Slideway oils

The WAYLUBE range is a special de-emulsifying oil for lubricating machine slideways, based on the highest quality refined paraffinic mineral oils and powerful additives. The additives used give AG WAYLUBE very good wear-reduction properties. Can be used to lubricate machine parts and hydraulic components. The oil has high oxidation stability, excellent adhesion to the surface, immiscibility with water, thus preventing premature rinsing.


  • excellent adhesion
  • low frictional resistance values
  • high pressure absorption capability
  • prevents jerky slipping
  • well deemulsifying
  • ISO CGLP 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, ISO 6743/13 G, DIN 51 502 – CG

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