The separate division of metal production and precision CNC machining is currently a stable company in the field of machining. In 2007, the company invested in its own production facilities for future development and stabilization. The company is based in its premises in Plana nad Lužnicí.

Our products are then further assembled in our assembly plants and then sold as a final product. In addition to this own production and also orientation within the framework of economic stability, we cooperate commercially with other entities in order to create a good and stable basis for our long-term operation and our further technical and technological development.

The high demands for precision in metal production have necessitated considerable investment in inspection and measuring equipment. The sophisticated quality system guaranteed by ISO 9001 is the result of combining inspection activities with state-of-the-art CNC technology.

By consistently following the established principles of organization and production management, we achieved ISO quality certification in 2009. Even with the award of this certificate, we have been able to continuously improve our entire production process in order to offer our customers ever better quality products. We are able to offer our clients both technical and technological processing of their order including thermal, chemical and surface treatment.

Regular checks of the precision of the production process, precise programming of CNC machine cycles, high quality of machining tools and jigs as well as output control of products ensure customer satisfaction.

An integral part of improving and expanding our production activities is linking these processes with electronic processing so that we can keep our customers informed of the progress and status of the order in progress. We use Orion software for production management and its add-on modules enable us to provide a broader and more detailed flow of information not only to us but also to our customers.

Production programme

We strive to continuously modernise our machinery. We purposefully implement modern trends in technological possibilities in cooperation with experts to achieve shorter production times and increase the quality of our work.


production of gears


production – gear shafts


fittings, pins


production of flanges


manufacture of tanks including filtration and pumps


custom metal fabrication


own production program

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