Welding table

Oct 12, 2023

Extraction and welding tables are devices for extracting dust and dirt. Suitable applications for this equipment are for example welding, grinding, polishing and other operations where it is necessary to place the part on a table and where any dry substance or smoke is present.

The device is equipped with a self-cleaning CleanJet system that automatically cleans the filters according to a set interval. Inside the device there is a compressed air container with the possibility of adjusting the interval of the pressure shock discharge against the direction of the flow, thus cleaning the filter. The principle of the filter is very simple, contaminated air enters the device through the inlet, which passes through the filter and continues to the HEPA filter, where the air is completely cleaned.


The welding table is equipped with a control panel that is built into the side of the welding table. The basic equipment of the welding table can be seen in the picture and includes:

  • Main switch
  • Plug and Play connector
  • 2 x metal socket for 230 V
  • Manual fan on/off
  • Manual switching on/off of the cleaning system
  • Hepa filter, which is located at the outlet of the device


The ECOMIST industrial extraction principle