Filter cartridges and spare parts

High-performance filter cartridges

As a manufacturing company dealing with the production of extraction equipment, we have our own production of filters for our AFJ series extraction equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience in the market, we have also started to service extraction systems that use different filters. We have established cooperation with Czech and foreign manufacturers of filtration elements and thanks to this we are able to offer service of extraction equipment in the highest quality including delivery of original filtration elements.

We have our own filters for our WELDUST equipment and also supply these filters as spare parts for extraction.

We will be happy to advise you on selecting the right filter for your equipment and your process.



The filter cartridges we equip our equipment with are extremely powerful and have an extremely long service life. The structure and composition of these filters is based on the composition of several layers into one filter. The filters are made of solid material and are suitable for extreme processes.


  • Filter area from 5 m2 to 20 m2
  • Suitable for demanding processes
    • machining under emulsion
    • machining under oil
    • die casting
    • dust from washing lines
    • wire cutting
    • all vapours and odours
Basic types of our filters and their dimensions:
  • AG FILTER EF1/295 – 595 x 345 x 300 mm
  • AG FILTER EF1/350 – 350 x 350 x 100 mm
  • AG FILTER EF1/450 – 450 x 450 x 200 mm
  • AG FILTER EF1/595 – 595 x 595 x 300 mm



The HEPA filters are standardly made of MDF or zinc sheet as required. The AFJ series devices are equipped with these HEPA filters as standard and we also supply these filters as spare parts. Hepa filter is derived from the acronym “High Efficiency Particulate Air filter”


  • final stage of filtration
  • captures nanoparticles with an efficiency of up to 99.97%
  • made of glass microfibre
  • divisions and classes of filters:
    • Class 10 filter retains 85% of impurities with a size range of 0.1 – 0.3 micrometers
    • Class 11 filter retains 95% of impurities
    • The Class 12 filter retains up to 99.5% of these impurities
    • Class 13 filter retains up to 99.95% of particles
  • Division according to CSN EN 779:2012 and CSN EN 1822:2010
Hepa filter
Hepa filter AG Hepa 475 - EcoMist
Hepa filter - AG HEPA 350 - EcoMist


Highly efficient pre-filter

We use metallic filters in our extraction ranges to achieve a longer lifetime for our main filters. The metallic filter is designed to catch coarser particles or large and sharp things that could otherwise damage the filter. These filters have a high efficiency. Their main advantage is that they are washable.

Standard dimensions

  • 350 x 350 x 25 mm
  • 450 x 450 x 25 mm
  • 555 x 555 x 25 mm
Metallic filters



Cartridge filters are supplied as spare parts, but are also fitted to our WELDUST extraction equipment. Cartridge filters are available in several basic sizes as standard. The types of material used are selected according to the process to be extracted.


  • different types of material: Polyester, Cellulose, PTFE membrane and others
  • basic dimensions of filter cartridges:
    • 225 x 1000 mm
    • 325 x 1000 mm
    • 327 x 600 mm
    • 327 x 660 mm
  • Clamping with bayonet or threaded rod
Cartridge filter AG FILTER SAC 603
Cartridge filter AG FILTER SAC 656



We have spare hood parts available that are not from our production. Thanks to the experience of our industry and our service team, we offer and service extraction equipment including original parts.

We have our own gauges that can measure the flow rates of the equipment and the purity of the discharged air, where we can propose a service plan for the equipment based on this information.


  • filter inserts for drum equipment
  • sealing rings
  • silentblocks
  • Hepa filters
Patron filter
Cleanmist Hepa filters

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