New WELDUST series

Oct 12, 2023

We have had the WELDUST exhaust series on the market for some time. Based on the feedback we received from the market, our WELDUST range has undergone a complete update.

The WELDUST range currently consists of 4 sections, small stationary equipment up to a flow rate of 2,000 m3/hr, mobile extraction equipment complete with extraction arm, central extraction systems and welding tables. The filters used have also undergone a renewal, we now have several types of filters, which are always selected according to the dust or smoke to be extracted and also differ in the filtration area that the filters have. All our equipment is now equipped with an analogue pressure gauge for filter clogging indication or, in the case of our new AKNEL WELDUST CONTROL system, the filter clogging indication is shown digitally on the display.

The AKNEL WELDUST CONTROL control system has undergone a big change, we can call it a novelty. The system has been given new controls, new statistics and a fan connection, which now makes it very easy to control the flow of the device on the control panel. AKNEL WELDUST CONTROL allows the operator to completely set the basic parameters of the entire system, starting with the aforementioned flow control, to cleaning intervals or setting intervals and times for filter regeneration.

It has already been mentioned that the automatic cleaning section has been completely redesigned, where we have implemented new nozzles that are set to the highest efficiency. It is this step, together with an innovative control system, that has extended the lifetime of the filters several times, which is very important in these processes.

The basic range of AKNEL WELDUST extraction equipment has a flow rate from 650 m3/hr to 11,000 m3/hr at the base, i.e. they are standard equipment fitted with our standard fans. Flow rates above 11,000 m3/hr are always handled individually due to the correct setting of fan power depending on the length of the duct and other aspects. It is not difficult to build a plant for a flow rate of more than 11,000 m3/hr, because the plant is modular and the parts are connected together, thus increasing the extraction area and the flow rate of the plant.

Our equipment can also be retrofitted with a HEPA filter, in case of the need to have perfectly clean air if the installation will be located in a small space or in an area that requires almost 100% cleanliness.

Principle of operation

We have more or less redesigned the plant from the ground up, the type of filter cartridges have changed, which now have special clamping for better handling and simplicity, the automatic cleaning system has changed, which has now been given larger and more robust pressure vessels and the compressed air injection has also been redesigned. All of our devices are also equipped with plug and play connectors to simplify connection, possible further manipulation.