Production of filters

Feb 5, 2024

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to manufacture our own filters using some of the best filter material on the market. Specifically, it is a material called “fiberglass”, or fiberglass in translation.

Production of filters

For many years we have been buying filter elements from our long-standing partner, but the quality requirements in our company have increased rapidly and we have decided to produce our own filters.

We always use the same filter material for the production of the filters, this is because we have been providing the filter material from our side for a long time and we have supplied this material to the filter manufacturer and we have many years of experience with it.

Filter manufacturing is a know-how that you have to know, constantly improve and push further. You have to have years of experience in the market and translate that experience into production.


Everyone must be wondering why anyone would want to change something that works. There were several reasons for this and, of course, a lot of thought went into investing in such a production. After weighing up all the pros and cons, a major decision was made and the production of the filters could get underway.

There are a few basic elements that are important for the production of filters, so that you can even start to produce a filter of this quality:

  • Filter material
  • Space
  • Quality adhesive
  • Aluminium separators
  • Seals

These five elements will form a filter. If we start talking about the filter material, then fortunately we had a big advantage here because we have been using the material for a long time and we knew that we were entering already explored waters.


Production of filters


Another important part of the finished filter is definitely the glue and especially the gluing device. The adhesive ensures that the filter is leak-proof to prevent airflow leaks down the sides of the filter, strengthens the entire filter and, most importantly, holds the aluminium separators, filter media and filter frame together.

The gluing device works like a small furnace with a gun, where there is a glue reservoir, where a hard and rigid glue is put into the reservoir, which is heated at a temperature of about 180°C and then applied to the filter, where it hardens again after a relatively short time.


The biggest benefit for our company, our customers and our partners lies in the increase in capacity, the improvement in quality, which we now have 100% control over, and last but not least, the possibility of variability, which is pushed to the next frontier again. Currently standard filter sizes:

– 595 x 595 x 300 mm

– 595 x 345 x 300 mm

– 450 x 450 x 200 mm

– 350 x 350 x 100 mm

We now have these filters in stock as standard items, other sizes are available on request.

Production of filters
Production of filters
Production of filters